Even Great Yields Might Get Better

No doubt about it – soybean yields in many fields across Wisconsin are bigger then most growers have ever seen.  But is it possible, they could’ve been even better?  That’s the question that Dr. Shawn Conely, UW-Extension Soybean Specialist, is asking again this year.  Conley witnessed his first 100 bushel plus yield in a Wisconsin research plot this season – and expects that some Wisconsin farmers will see the same, but Conley also believes there’s more genetic potential out there.

For the second year in a row, he’s launching the state‐wide project aimed at generating baseline producer data on current soybean management practices in Wisconsin’s production systems. This project is funded by the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and the North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP). The project goal is to identify the key factors that preclude the State’s Soybean Producers from obtaining yields that should be potentially possible on their respective individual farms. The term used for the difference between what yield is possible on your farm each year and what you yield you actually achieve is called a “Yield Gap”.

Conley’s asking Crop Producers in Wisconsin to provide their yield and other agronomic data specific to their soybean production fields. With that data, he’ll continue an in‐depth analysis of what on‐farm factors might be causing a Yield Gap on producer farms. The goal is to provide annual reports to all crop producers informing them of what factors we may have identified that, based on our analysis of the data collected from farms, are likely limiting you from achieving soybean yields closer to yield potential that is likely possible on your farms! These results will be presented at the 2017 Area Soybean meetings held in January 2017 and at the WI Corn Soy Expo! Here is a link to the introductory data we collected in 2015! 2015 Yield Gap Summary Data

Below please find links that are also on my webpage that describe the process, the guidelines for data collection, as well as the data collection form. Please know that this data will not be shared individually and your information will be held strictly confidential. If growers have any questions or concerns regarding this request contact Conley directly. Please return all completed forms to the address below! Below are also fillable pdf versions for ease of data entry.

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