Big Island Beef – It’s All About Networking

The Big Island of Hawaii offers a lot.  A lot of beautiful scenery – a lot of unique challenges, especially if you’re a beef producer.  Just ask Jileen Russell, ranch owner in the Kohala Mountains of Hawaii Island. Russell operates Pu’u O Kumau Ranch, which has about 450 acres dedicated to a rotational grazing plan with a mixed breed herd of beef.  Russell works to try and serve the immediate needs of her neighbors when it comes to the beef she raises.  She says it generally takes about 30 months to get her animals to the weight and finish she believes offers the best quality and taste. When it comes to taste, she knows what she’s talking about thanks to her background as a chef!  Russell is also engaged in the “slow food” movement that’s gaining momentum on all the Hawaiian Islands.


You can find out more about Pu’u O Kumau Ranch on Jileen’s Facebook page!

Jileen Russell & Pam