“Day without Immigrants” National Labor strike Scheduled for February 16th

The American Dairy Coalition through social media and concerned dairy owners has learned that a national labor strike is planned for Thursday Feb 16th.  The group is calling their cause The Day Without Immigrants.  The strike is anticipated to affect many different industries including service and hospitality.  Immigrant parents are even being encouraged from some activists in the community to keep their children home from school.   Immigrants encouraged to go on strike are being asked to not participate in any protests, but stay home and not spend any money in hope to increase the financial impact.

Laurie Fischer, the CEO of the American Dairy Coalition, says “the state based visa program would allow current working immigrants the opportunity for legal status providing they are employed and the state they work in adopts the program.” This bill needs more exposure but it is definitely a step in the right direction.  The American Dairy Coalition is currently working on several other bills that help to legalize our very valuable workforce.  All employers and employees must unite and work together to ensure the state based visa program bill is passed.

Wisconsin did however hold a similar protest on Monday and many employers gave there immigrant employees the day off without any repercussions.