Canadian Trade Policies Target Of Actions

 FDA today released a guidance document announcing it will exercise
enforcement discretion on the use and labeling of ultrafiltered milk. FDA says its
action is intended to lessen the impact of recent trade policy changes in Canada
that caused oversupply and pricing challenges in parts of the US, including
Wisconsin and New York.

We appreciate the administrations continued focus on the Wisconsin dairy industry,
said DATCP Secretary Ben Brancel. Todays action will open up US markets to
ultrafiltered milk, and thats a huge win for Americas Dairyland.

The US dairy industry has for years been asking for clarity and flexibility from FDA
on the use of ultrafiltered milk for more than fifteen years. FDAs action provides

Because a regulatory process was bogged down in Washington, we have not been able to
ship ultrafiltered milk domestically, said Brancel. Todays decision opens up endless
possibilities for our dairy industry.

This past spring, trade policy changes in Canada effectively shut out exports of
ultrafiltered milk from Wisconsin. This resulted in 58 Wisconsin producers losing a
market for their milk.