New Focus on Energy Incentive for Upgrading Grain Dryers

If you are planning on replacing your grain dryers this harvest season you may qualify for a Focus on Energy incentive. To promote the implementation and use of energy efficient grain dryers Wisconsin Focus on Energy is providing incentives to farmers who upgrade their systems.

The incentive given to eligible systems is $8 per bushel/hour drying capacity.

The Focus on Energy’s incentive for energy efficient grain dryers will be given to farmers who have dryers that are powered by natural gas. Propane heated grain dryers are not eligible. The grain dryers must also include energy efficiency features such as staged temperature, differential grain speed, grain heat recovery or a varied drying column width. Other eligibility requirements can be found at

According to Casey Langen, a spokesperson for Focus on Energy “It makes sense to replace older, inefficient grain dryers with efficient models. An equipment upgrade cuts a farm’s operating costs and avoids excessive repair costs during the harvest season.”

The incentive applications can easily be found on the Focus on Energy website,

Incentive applications must be submitted within 60 days of equipment installation.

If you are interested in upgrading other aspects of your agriculture operation to be more energy efficient you could also apply for more intensives. Currently, Focus on Energy is offering agricultural customers a bonus for installing more than one technology at the same time to existing buildings. The incentive bonus ranges from $400 to $600 and is capped at 50 percent of the original incentive.

Wisconsin corn and soybean growers are encouraged to call 888.947.7828 to speak with an energy expert from Focus on Energy or visit for a complete list of available incentives.