Happy National Farmers Day

The Wisconsin Farm Report Radio network is happy to support the celebration of today’s “National Farmers Day”!

The effort has origins back to the 1800’s, just looking to focus on how dependent everyone is on a small group of farmers for their food, fuel and so much more.  It was previously called “Old Farmers Day” – but has become more contemporary in 2017.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is one group of Wisconsin agriculture that’s hoping farmers, consumers, elected officials, businesses, will pause and post via social media, their support of farmers.

Simple to do to!

1)  Take a picture of you, your family, workmates – with a sign of something that says “I Support Wisconsin Farmers”.
2)  Post the picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, along with a message explaining why you support Wisconsin farmers.
3)  Include hashtags that will build momentum:

You can include us in your tags too:  #FabFarmBabe