How Do you Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree?

The holiday season is now in full swing, and one of the most time honored tradition for many families is going out and selecting the prefect Real Christmas Tree.

According to the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association, there are about 1 million acres in production for growing Christmas trees by 15,00 tree growers in the U.S.. Wisconsin currently ranks 5th in nation for Christmas tree production.

If you are planning on going out to one of the many Wisconsin Christmas tree lots or farms to pick out your perfect family tree this year it is important to make sure you select a healthy tree that will with stand the long holiday season.

In a recent interview with Farm Assistant Jenna Lee, Cheryl Nicholson the Executive Secretary for the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association was able to give some tips on how to select the perfect tree and keep it healthy.

“When you go to pick out a tree make sure you touch the branches and as long as the needles don’t fall off you have picked a healthy tree,” said Cheryl Nicholson, the Executive Secretary for the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association.

Along with selecting a healthy tree it is also important to take good care of your new tree so it looks healthy and bright through out all of your holiday celebrations.

“It is important to remember that Christmas trees are plants and just like flowers they need to be watered often to stay alive,” said Nicholson. “Also it is important to make sure the tree sap has not sealed off the tree stump to allow the tree to drink, but if it has the stump needs to be cut to break the seal.”

Along with being a beautiful center piece to any holiday celebration Wisconsin Christmas trees are also a sustainable crop.

“Christmas trees are a sustainable crop because they are grown in rows and are harvested every seven years. Not to mention two trees are planted in place of every tree that is harvested,” said Nicholson.

If you are planing a family outing this weekend to select a real Christmas tree use these tips and you will surly pick out the perfect tree for your holiday celebrations.

For more information on Wisconsin Christmas trees as well as where to find a local Christmas tree farms or lots, visit the Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association website: