Funding At Risk In Madison

A Message From The National Farm Medicine Center in Marshfield

Dear Friend of the Farm Center:

The Wisconsin State Assembly’s Committee on Agriculture held a public hearing on February 6, 2018, regarding Assembly Bill 827. The bill would provide state funding to continue the Wisconsin ROPS Rebate program.
If you support funding to help farmers put rollbars on tractors, PLEASE let the committee know by emailing co-sponsor Bob Kulp, Tell him you support the bill, and that you hope the committee members will support it as well. Deadline for your response is February 16.
A personal story would be very powerful. Do you have a story of a rollover or close call that happened to you or someone you know? If yes, please include with your email to Rep Kulp.
Very important: Be sure to include your mailing address so that your district representative will know of your support.
We hope we can count on your backing. If you have questions, please contact Barbara Marlenga at 715-389-3021 or
Example of what your e-mail can look like:
To the Agricultural Committee considering Bill 827:
I support this bill to continue the Wisconsin ROPS Rebate Program; I hope you will too.
(Personal story if you have one, if not leave blank)
Jane Doe
111 Doe St
Doe, WI 55555
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