Bucky Promises Full Tuition Assistance

Sky-high tuition rates have scared away countless prospective students. Attending UW-Madison is a common dream in Wisconsin, but for some families, it’s long been unrealistic. Starting in Fall 2018, the university hopes that will no longer be the case. Bucky’s Tuition Promise ensures families whose adjusted gross income is less than $56,000 full tuition assistance. A free college education is especially good news for rural families, and Greg Offerman shares why.

Listen to Bobbi Jo’s interview with details and how this can help rural communities.

The Promise applies to four years for incoming freshman and two years for transfer students. Offerman says the hope is better communication on what the school offers will help the message reach prospective students state-wide. This is especially true for rural communities that may not have known about the programs before.

“We were awarding aid similarly, but it’s always been on an annual basis,” he says. “So now, students know going into the process that if they qualify for this benefit, it’ll be there four years.”

No guesswork.

The funds for the benefit come from donors, so no tax dollars are being spent paying for students’ education. The Alumni Association is always looking for more support. Students receiving this assistance still qualify for other programs that help pay for the cost of living in Madison.