Adami To Retire In 2019

Chuck Adami, President and Chief Executive Officer of Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, plans to retire in 2019.  

“Earlier this year, Chuck Adami announced his upcoming retirement to the board of directors,” replied Les Danielson, chairman of the board. Adami was hired in 2000 as the Chief Financial Officer and two years later filled the role as President and CEO and has successfully held that position ever since. On June 30 he will officially retire. Adami claimed, “I’ve worked in various professions throughout my career, but here at Equity, working in the agriculture industry has been the most fulfilling and the one I am most proud to be a part of and I think that is why this decision to retire has been a difficult one.” 

Curt Larson joined the cooperative in 2013 as the Director of Human Resources. He then became Vice President of Administration taking on marketing responsibilities and has produced significant progress in that capacity. “The regional board of directors voted to unanimously name Larson as President as of March 1,” stated Danielson. As President, Larson’s expertise and focus will be representative of Equity’s commitment to its members, board of directors and employees. His impressive background in finance, human resources and agriculture, Larson will provide leadership and commitment to the cooperative. “The board is confident in Curt’s leadership abilities and knows he will direct the cooperative toward a successful future,” added Danielson. As Curt shifts into his new role, Chuck will be available to make it as seamless as possible of a transition.