Is Your County Fair Insured?

Andrew Vandepopulier, who was the Associate of the Year at the Wisconsin Association of Fairs, works for Haas and Wilkerson Insurance based in Kansas City. Vandepopulier is the producer of insuring fairs, festivals, and other events. He talked with Jenna Preston about the reasons why is so important for fairs to have insurance, the different policies and other things fairs should be looking at for insurance.

“We have tons of options. We like to tailor specifically to the fairs, but we can offer everything from year-round, liability to the ground to the property to the equipment, auto, liquor liability….to whatever you might need.” said Vandepopulier.

A lot of fairs insure the buildings and equipment year round in case there is a weather event happens when the fair is not going on. If you just want to insure for the fair you can buy a policy called an equipment floater, which will over equipment the fair is borrowing or donated to the fair.

There is a least one night of the fair where it rains, so how do fairs insure for thunderstorms or tornadoes?

“There is a couple of different ways you can do it. You can insure just for the rain or the wind or just the lighting or whatever you want to call it. It very similar to going to Las Vegas. You can do in and insure for a half an inch of rain on Friday night 3 to 7 pm.” Vandepopulier stated. “You can also add a cancellation clause on it to help get some of the money back from the tickets you didn’t sell.”

Haas and Wilkerson Insurance also has policies for demo derbies, carnivals, and liquor. For more information, go to or call at 913-432-4400.

Listen to the full conversation between Jenna and Andrew about insuring fairs.