Be A Hero – Become An Organ Donor

Earlier this year I partnered with Wisconsin’s UW Organ and Tissue Donation Program.  I’ve not had any direct family stories connected to this effort, but I’ve heard amazing stories of farm families that have both been donors and been recipients.  Through this partnership, we’ve been slowly trying to convince farm families that they should have this conversation BEFORE something happens.  As Al Wright of Barneveld told me, “nobody thinks of this in the emergency room”.  He’s right – it’s a personal decision that should be made, and then shared with family.  Not one that’s made in an already difficult situation.

Please take a look at this article written by Marian Viney of the WI Farm Bureau Federation and consider making yourself a hero.  You become a hero to your family in the legacy you leave – and a hero to someone else and their family in the future.  If you want to learn more go to

Encouraging Words Lead to Successful Lung Transplant and Friendships