Water Quality Credit Trading Gets A Little Help

Wisconsin Farm Bureau commends state Senators for unanimously approving Senate Bill 91 today.


This bill calls for a third-party clearinghouse to allow buying and selling of water quality credits making for a more streamlined approach to the way the current law is written.


“This new approach to trading water quality credits will provide the unique opportunity to create a sustainable statewide market that supports improved water quality practices,” Holte added. “WFBF looks forward to continued discussion of this proposal in the state Legislature as they continue their work on water quality issues this session.”

Wisconsin already has state law already allowing for trading, but having a centralized system for the sale of credits would make it easier and potentially a more popular tool. Participation in the state’s three existing water-quality programs historically has been low.


This bill was introduced by Senator Cowles (R-Green Bay) and co-sponsored by more than 40 legislators from both sides of the aisle.


“Clean water is important to everyone in Wisconsin,” WFBF President Jim Holte said. “It is promising to see bipartisan support on this important topic.”


The bill now moves to the state Assembly for consideration.