The Man Behind the Cream Puffs

The Cream Puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair. They are indeed an institution and arguably are what makes the State Fair so famous. They are a staple at the fairgrounds in Milwaukee and it’s easy to see that when hundreds of people are lined up to get their hands on the delicious desert.

According to signage in the Cream Puff pavilion, roughly 400,000 cream puffs are consumed each state fair. To break that down: that’s about 50-60 cream puffs being served every single minute. It’s tough to wrap your mind around these astronomical numbers but it is Wisconsin so are you surprised?

One of the people behind this enormous operation is Brandon Grebe, co-director of the Cream Puff Pavilion. Brandon recently pulled back the curtain on the iconic cream puff operation and talked about what it takes to produce the amount of puffs demanded by the public.

Click below to listen to Brandon Grebe walk Josh Scramlin through the operation.

Catch the video here of Brandon Grebe as he gave Intern Emily Matzke a behind the scenes look of the Cream Puff Pavilion.