That Grand Champion Feeling

It’s no secret that livestock exhibitors are kind, dedicated and professional in and out of the ring, and this sentiment was evident during the Grand Champion Drive, held Wednesday night at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Each species’ judge shared comments similar in notion about the respectful and passionate exhibitors at this year’s fair. They each highlighted how impressed they were with all exhibitors in each classes, whether they were at the top of the class, middle of the pack or knew that they had room to improve.

Intern Emily Matzke spoke with several exhibitors who were selected as Grand Champion or Reserve Champion of their respective species about what it meant to be selected in the Grand Champion Drive and what their project area means to them.

The exhibitors were passionate about their project areas and were all excited about what that evening brought for them. Their excitement was contagious with all attendees and the crowd was buzzing as the evening wrapped up during the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction.

This event was a true testament to the strength of Wisconsin Agriculture!

This Wisconsin State Fair update was brought to you by Rural Mutual Insurance, a strong supporter of Wisconsin Agriculture.

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