Sindelar Added To Meat Industry HOF Board Of Trustees

Dr. Jeffrey Sindelar, Associate Professor/Extension Meat Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has accepted an offer to join the Meat Industry Hall of Fame Board of Trustees, a distinguished and influential group of men and women with a great deal of knowledge about the industry.
Announcing the appointment, Chuck Jolley, President of the MEAT INDUSTRY HALL OF of FAME, said, “We wanted to expand the knowledge base of our board.  We reviewed the members of each of our eight classes and discovered that we needed to consider more people who have contributed to the greatness of the meat and poultry industry but were often overlooked because they worked for small and very small processors. Dr. Sindelar has a broad knowledge of that segment of our industry.  We’re delighted that he has chosen to join us.”
Dr. Sindelar is a well respected member of the University of Wisconsin faculty. He spends about 80% of his time with extension work and the rest in research.
His extension duties include providing assistance in product development and regulatory compliance. He coordinates Meat Science workshops and training programs, and provides support to youth Meat Science related activities. 
Dr. Sindelar’s research focuses on quality and sensory characteristics of processed meats, non-meat ingredient functionality, and intervention strategies to control pathogenic bacteria in meat products. He works closely with several trade associations and speaks often at industry events.

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